Concern for the environment has mobilised the swimming pool industry to actively seek new and innovative ways of lowering its impact on energy sources. The Pool Professionals are actively seeking to “THINK SMARTER” when it comes to pool maintenance. We have compiled a list of products we recommend to SAVE YOU MONEY and in turn HELP SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT. Our Eco Friendly Pool Products is our way of helping the change!


Enviro Swim


EnviroSwim is the simple, safe and effective solution to pool sanitation.


EnviroSwim uses a unique process to create quality water and is ideal for use in both commercial and domestic applications.


EnviroSwim is the only system that combines three of the most safe and effective pool sanitation processes. The result is unmatched water quality combined with an absolute minimum of maintenance.


SIMPLE Designed to reduce your maintenance time, the EnviroSwim system is simple to install and operate.


SAFE The EnviroSwim system’s unique sanitation process is safe, backed by extensive government laboratory testing, and can be applied to both commercial and domestic pools, spas and water features.


THE ENVIROSWIM SYSTEM DOES NOT PRODUCE CHEMICAL side effects such as red-eyes, green hair and skin irritation. The system also supports recycling due to the high water quality levels maintained.*


EFFECTIVE The EnviroSwim system does not require the addition of chlorine and is effective against a wide range of bacteria, including some that are resistant to chlorine. It also is effective against algae growth.


Traditional systems require constant intervention due to their volatility. EnviroSwim’s highly stable process allows pools to be left unattended for extended periods, including seasonal shutdown, while maintaining water quality. Rapid return on investment is achieved through reduced operating costs, less maintenance and improved equipment life. Chemical effects such as corrosion is reduced.


THE ENVIROSWIM SYSTEM releases a powerful algaecide and bactericide. Laboratory tests indicate the process is 10 times more effective than government guidelines for water disinfection.


Water clarity is enhanced by the powerful oxidation unit which breaks down organic compounds to assist their removal by filtration.


Benefits include the removal and prevention of scale build-up from heat exchangers and other pool equipment as well as the elimination of the offensive chlorine odour from the air in and around pool and spa areas.


* subject to local laws

AstralPool Viron Pump – Save around $900.00 a year


AstralPool, the leader in energy efficient pumps releases the next evolution in energy efficient pumps.


Every swimming pool is different in shape, depth, location, amenity and have different demands for filtration flow rates.


The Viron eVo range of pumps incorporate infinitely variable speed control to perfectly match the filtration needs of every pool. Maximum energy savings should not be achieved at the cost of inferior filtration and sanitisation. Two or three speed pumps are limited in their adaptability to suit all swimming pool applications and circumstances. AstralPool’s new range of Viron eVo Pumps enable the perfect match of flow rate and maximum energy savings to enable you to start saving and having the cleanest and safest possible water clarity.


That is why, Viron eVo Pumps are only available through professional pool shops, builders and mobile service vans who are trained in the correct installation and set up to achieve the maximum energy saving while maintaining the best possible filtration performance.


A conventional 1.5hp pump can cost around $2.50 per day to operate. That’s around $900.00 a year and more than $7,000 over the life of an average pump.


The Viron eVo pumps will cost as little as 23 cents a day to operate. Over a year this means your costs are less than $100 – a saving of $800 a year or $8,000 over the life of the pump.


We don’t know of any other appliance that gives such a significant return on investment.


Other benefits are the ultra low noise levels produced by the pump when correctly set up and the extended life of all other pool equipment provided by the lower flow rate of the Viron eVo pumps during normal filtration operation.


Your professional AstralPool dealer will install and set the pump speed so that you can gain the best possible water clarity and maximum energy savings.

Astral Liquid Pool Blanket


Unlike conventional pool covers, which have to be removed every time you use your pool, and put back on every evening, HeatSavr keeps your pool ready to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


This unique liquid forms a barrier on the surface of the pool, preventing heat loss and evaporation, while you save up to 40% off your energy costs.


When the HeatSavr is fed into your pool, the liquid forms a transparent monomolecular barrier on the surface. This barrier reduces evaporation which accounts for up to 80% of heat, energy and water loss. This significantly reducing heating costs, saving water and leaving the pool warmer for longer. HeatSavr does not affect the chemical balance in the pool, is safe, non-toxic and bio-degradable.


HeatSavr can be applied daily by hand or can be automatically dosed into the pool using the RolaChem automatic dosing system.


To find out more about the HeatSavr or the RolaChem automatic dosing system, call in to The Pool Professionals, give us a call on 1300 797 727 or Book online or there is more information at

Daisy Pool Covers

Daisy pool covers and rollers is Australia’s largest manufacturer of swimming pool covers and roller systems. Our Covers and Rollers can be obtained through our Distribution Network throughout Australia.


There is a Daisy Expert near you who will help make sure you get the right cover for your pool. Meet your local expert here.


Delivery is prompt, warranty is reliable.


Make owning a pool more affordable by installing a Daisy.


Click here to see the Daisy cover range
Click here to see the Daisy roller range


All pool owners need a Daisy pool cover and roller because Daisy reduces the cost of maintaining a warm – sustainable pool.

Sunbather Solar Heating

Innovation is at the heart of Sunbather which has been recognised by the industry making Sunbather the most awarded solar pool heating company in Australia. From coloured solar pool heating, to solar powered safety pool covers, you can rely on Sunbather to come up with the latest new product.


Sunbather now has a true national presence with offices in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane, with key dealers in all other states. Whether it’s a small domestic or large commercial project, Sunbather is the trusted name for Australian pool owners.

Eco Friendly Pool Products


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