Stains In Your Pool

How is your pool looking right now? Chances are there wasn’t much going on over winter (and who wants to scoop a pool when no-one is using it) but maybe those leaves that you left at the bottom for a while have left a bit of a stain on the surface. Don’t panic it’s not that difficult to get em off! Leaves and debris break down in the chlorine/salt water and often its the tannins that make the stains. A good stain remover or a combination of stain removers will usually shift them along. But be careful! The acids in the stain treatment may tip up the balance of your pool and your pool will look pretty crappy for a while til its rebalanced. Don’t suggest you do it the day before your big pool party birthday celebrations for the kids. We carry all the gear in the utes to get your pool sorted and we can rebalance it too. Give me a call or send us a job request and one of us will call you to discuss.



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